Cute and Fun Bullet Journal Products to Beautify Your Journal


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All of us have a different style and way of keeping track of the things we need to do- some make notes on their phone, set reminders, manage journals, diaries or use post it notes.

So, what is a Bullet Journal?

Simply put, a bullet journal is a way to organize your life. It’s an organizational method that allows you to be as creative as you want. It’s a customizable way to maintain your to-do lists, notebook, planner, diary, and sketchbook! The beauty of a bullet journal is its flexibility. And of course the huge following of loyal bullet journalers sharing their beautiful inspirational layouts.

First, you need to understand why using a pen and paper is better than using technology to organize things. Our brain responds differently to manual methods of doing tasks. When we write down something our brain registers it better; it somehow gets imprinted in our mind and our chances of getting stuff done increase right dramatically! It may take time, but that’s exactly what makes it productive, you engage your entire mind and being into curating it.


Bullet Journal Ideas

  • You can either buy a new diary or planner or use an old one lying around waiting to be used! See the list below for the most highly recommended journal to use.
  • Every bullet journal needs an INDEX. The index is what makes your journal work.
  • Everything you note down must be recorded in the index. It’s your ‘key’ to your bullet journal.
  • Just write the page number and the details and you can stop flipping all the way through to find a something.
  • Keep it as simple as possible. This bullet journal is for you and you alone so make it simple but useful.


You could use different symbols for different tasks, for example, a star for every event you need to attend or a box for every item you need to buy…the possibilities are endless. This way you can associate the symbol with tasks and a quick glance will tell you what your day or month looks like. Just remember, the index must be your priority. You can also use different colored pens!

Unlike diary writing, you don’t need to spend hours writing long paragraphs and sentences. The shorter and simpler the sentence the better your brain will register it. You can also mark some pages to make lists of things you wish or want; this is not necessarily a to do list but more like a wish list. Noting down all the books you want to read, movies you want to watch… here are more ways to use your bullet journal for productivity!


THE TREES – Bullet Journal Stencil

For when you feel a bit in the woods and want to express that in your journal. Or maybe just use one tree as a template for a Family Tree layout. This little stencil template is perfect for Fall or Winter scenes. You can even add a few woodland creatures underneath to embellish it.

THE STENCIL – Pretty & Swirly Words

So while you are still learning the art of beautiful calligraphy, you can always use this little stencil as assistance. Use it in your bullet journal or on letters to friends and family.


WASHI TAPE – To Cover Up Mistakes

So you’ve spent hours on the perfect layout and pretty title, and then whoops, you make a mistake! Instead of redoing the entire spread, use a bit of washi tape to cover it up creatively.


GOLD WASHI TAPE – Bullet Journal Jewels

If you’re a bit more fancy, try this beautiful metallic washi tape to beautify your bullet journal. Although not necessary, it’s fun to have this in your box of bullet journal supplies.


Yes, the true and original bullet journal does not need any color. But we’re creative and an all black journal just won’t do! These brilliant colours pens come super highly recommended.

JOURNAL – This Is The One!

Loved and used by all true bullet journalers. The Leuchtturm1917 is the best paper quality you can get for your dollar. Bonus, there are so.many.colors to choose from!

CELL PHONE STENCIL – Because You Can’t Get Enough of It!

It’s probably right next to you right now. Your connection to the world. Your best little friend. Yes, your cell phone. Why not give it a little home inside your bullet journal. Show your love!

CARPE DIEM STICKERS – Because You’re Still 5 Years Old Deep Down Inside

We can use stickers in our bullet journals? Really? Or is that cheating? Eeek! I’m so using those little reading glasses on my next spread about the books I want to read!

CIRCLE RULER – Let the Nerd In You Rejoice!

Did you think your days of drawing perfect circles were behind you? No longer! Use this super simple ruler to draw straight lines and perfect circles. Yes! I love 2 in 1 tools!

7 PIECE GEOMETRY TOOL SET – If You’re Really Nerdy

If the above 2 in 1 ruler didn’t get you excited, then this little 7 piece geometry tool set is perfect for straight lines in your journal!

LITTLE POST IT NOTES – Love Love Love These!

These little notes are perfect for jotting down quick notes and ideas and transferring them between pages. Or use them for standardization – red for must-do tasks, yellow for recipes, pink for activities – just an idea.


Oh, I can think of a hundred places where these little woodland creatures can live in my bullet journal. Fall and Winter spreads anyone?

LITTLE ANIMAL POUCH – To Keep All Your Goodies in One Place

Too darn cute not to include these in the list! Because where are you going to store all those colorful pens?



I love the rectangular design of these little bags. And the graphics are adorable! Total must have for any bullet journaler!

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